How to make sure you have a good work-life balance

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In an industry where the quality of life of the people you care for is the priority, it can be very difficult to take time out and to find a work/life balance. But this becomes all the more important as stress starts to impact the quality of work as well as the quality of people's personal lives. In a study from charity, Mind 42% respondents had considered resigning when asked how workplace stress had affected them. Keeping a healthy mind and body means a healthy work-life balance. Here are a few signs your work-life balance might not be quite so balanced:

  • You regularly take work home
  • Always tell your friends and family you're too busy
  • Constantly feeling tired
  • You often work longer than you should
What do you need to do next?

Here are some steps to get you started to achieving that healthy balance between work and home:

  • It is okay to let your manager know that your workload is increasing and becoming unmanageable. If you find this is the case, start to let your manager know about your workload so you can find ways together to make it more manageable. 
  • Always take your lunch break. If you're working 9 hours straight and not taking a step back at all, you're not getting the rest your mind and body need. 
  • Try to avoid taking work home and staying back late, this is your time to rest and recharge so make the most of it. 
  • Plan ahead with social activities. Fill your evenings and weekends with friends and family and enjoy it. 
  • Keeping active not only keeps you fit and healthy. Exercise is closely linked to good mental health and the ability to manage stress more effectively. 

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