How to start your career in social care

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Thinking about a career in social care but not quite sure how to start and break into the sector? We give you the lowdown on what you need to do and how you can find out whether a job in social care is where you’re destined to be.

Do your research

First and foremost to find out if working in social care is for you, go online and read up about it. There are great websites that can provide you with the knowledge you need to understand the sector in more detail, skillsforcare explains what characteristics and values are suitable to work in social care and the skills that are required.

Gaining the experience and skills

So now you know the characteristics and skills required what next? Gaining the experience and finding out firsthand what working in social care is like. This can be achieved through volunteering. Throughout the UK there are institutions, charities, care homes and youth hostels that accept volunteers. Working out what area of social care you want to specifically work in and target those organisations. Be proactive and find them, explaining why you want to volunteer and how you can support their staff and be extra help for both employees and care users. This will provide you with the inside knowledge and vital experience you need to get a job in social care.

Tailor your CV

Once you have gained the experience and skills required to begin a career in social care it’s time to update your CV. Read the job adverts of the role you want to work out what the keywords are in terms of skills and experience. Once you’ve found these then it’s time to place these into your CV, ensuring that you have the experience and skills they’re looking for and promoting this throughout your CV. It’s important to be explicit and state clearly how you match what employers are asking for in an employee, you can’t assume that they’ll know.

Talk to an expert

Our consultants across all of our BS Social Care branches have expert knowledge of the social care market within your local area and have built relationships with organisations within social care for over 30 years and can provide you with insights into what skills, characteristics and experience is needed to get the job you’ve always wanted.

Ready to kickstart your career in social care? Take a look at the latest social care roles that are in area or speak to your local BS Social Care specialist consultant today in branch.