Is your workplace impacting productivity?

Employer advice

Research from ILM has found that over half of UK workers feel the structure and culture of their workplace is holding them back from working effectively. Engaged employees help organisations work smarter, not just harder. Prioritising job satisfaction and the wellbeing of your employees will ensure you have a productive workforce who can generate the results you require. A few signs that your organisation’s productivity levels are dropping is missed KPIs, poor quality work, increased absenteeism and increased turnover.

Have you ever suffered from a loss of motivation and productivity in your workplace? More importantly, have you ever wondered why?

Poor management

Are the managers in your workplace micro-managing employees? They may have good intentions but it may lead employees to think they are not trusted with their job and their own judgements. On the other hand, managers could perhaps not be providing enough support to employees and there may be a lack of guidance. Striking the perfect balance in managing a team can ensure employees feel like they are getting the support required and at the same time being trusted to work independently.

Bored of tasks

Giving employees new tasks increases their awareness in the workplace. If you are giving them the same tasks everyday which is adding very little value to their progression, their motivation will suffer. The younger generation in particular need consistent change in their work and enjoy being handed responsibility for new projects, otherwise not only will productivity levels drop, the turnover rate will increase.

Demotivating culture

Maintaining a balance between a corporate culture which encourages productivity with a culture that creates great employee experiences, will fix the low morale culture your organisation is suffering from. You don’t need to invest a lot, like Google for example. A motivating culture means simply creating an environment which employees not only will want to be a part of but will also ensure they balance the business priorities.


Solutions that will cost your business nothing:

Progression – Employees will feel motivated and committed to their jobs if they are aware there are opportunities to grow. A great way to manage this is to create a career development plan and have regular reviews providing them with both praise and constructive feedback. 

Purpose – A better way to increase productivity is to get employees to understand why they’re doing and what they’re doing, let them know what the company future looks like and how their role can create value. This will work much better than simply delegating tasks.

Team work – Implementing a team culture will maximise performance and productivity. More minds the better, right? Creating a ‘we’ culture rather than ‘me’ will encourage employees to engage with their work more, as there will be more innovative thinking shared across the organisation. 

Recognition – A simple ‘well done’ and ‘thank you’ can go a long way. These small words show acknowledgement of good performance and will boost morale in the team because it will motivate others to work hard too. Scheduling regular 1-2-1 sessions with your employees is a great way to build a relationship and discuss performance.


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