110,000 vacancies in care – How many do you have?

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With over 110,000 vacancies in the care sector and nearly 400,000 people leaving the profession each year there is a new Government initiative to support recruitment in this sector. We all know a shortage of candidates in the care sector is a huge issue which is only going to get bigger if we do not encourage and support more people in to this sector. We currently have 1.45 million people that work in the care sector in the UK but by 2035 we are looking at an additional 650,000 workers due to our aging population. If you are struggling with your recruitment here is a short guide to help support you and your service. 

What can you do to manage your vacancies?

There is lots of ways that you can help your recruiting which can attract the right people and fill your jobs by doing the following…

  • Using Social Media – A popular way to speak to your potential new starters by showcasing what your service does, what they could expect on a typical shift and how your current team enjoy their job. A fun way to do this could be video diaries, blogs or updating photos from some of the fun activities. It could be a good idea to run an incentive with your current staff team to encourage them to like or share your profiles and pages.
  • Recommend a friend – You have already found some fabulous candidates that are already working so why not see if they have any friends that are looking for work? Offering incentives to your current colleagues is a brilliant want to encourage them to get their friends to apply.
  • Advertise your job – It might sound simple but making sure your jobs are advertised and you utilise all platforms available to you. It is equally important to make sure your advertisement reads well, is interesting and sells how brilliant your job is! This is a great way to let your potential new candidates know how rewarding care is and how they can us their transferable skills.
  • Attend Events – There are local job events and carer events at local universities which can be an effective way to reach new candidates. You can offer immediate interviews which means you won’t miss out on good candidates as being in a candidate driven market we know they do not wait around!

Of course all these options all take time and cost money so another option you might not have considered in the past is using an agency, like BS Social Care. There is a big misconception that agencies are expensive, but all methods of recruitment have a cost to them. Even the “free” ones. Your time is money and that is why we are here to make the most of your time and save you money! We can work on your roles and do all the marketing, advertising, CV searching, interview booking all free of charge! You will only need to spend money once we have found you a perfect candidate and even then, there is a rebate period if it doesn’t work out.

If you would like some more information on how we can support, you then please contact one of our local branches and we can discuss this further. 

this blog was brought to you by Lisa Gale from our Manchester branch