Are you ready for a promotion?

career development

Are you a high achiever? Are you successful in your current job? Is the next natural step for you a promotion?

Whilst most people will aspire to be the best they can possibly be in their current role, is it time to think about what skills can you learn in your current role that would be beneficial to further your career? Recent CMI (Chartered Management Institute) research has shown that 68% of UK managers categorise themselves as so-called, ‘accidental’ managers. This can occur when you are doing well at your job and suddenly you find yourself in charge of a team. This indicates that the new managers coming through may not be prepared to take on their new roles. The time to up-skill is now and to put you at the forefront of a promotion!

Type of skills valuable for future managers:
  • Interpersonal skills - it's the skill you use to interact and communicate with other people. hugely important when working in the social care sector, and just as important as a future leader. How you get the best out of your team will depend on how well you listen to them and react to what they are telling you.

  • Problem solving - working in social care, there will be no shortage of problems that you're faced with. It's a valuable skill to have and to show your manager, so they can see how you cope under pressure and how you can resolve issues. 

  • Decision-making - this is a key skill for leaders. Working autonomously and making decisions for the good of your team and the organisation you work with as well as for the people you provide a service to. 

  • Strategic thinking - it can be easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day. A great leadership skill, which sets leaders apart is thinking about the bigger picture.

  • Delegation - not only does delegating work free up time, it also shows trust in your team. As a skill for future managers this is really important to possess. 

By incorporating these skills into your work, you'll be able to demonstrate to your line manager your willingness to do more and that you have the skills to be promoted. Of course these are just a few of the skills you can show; across social care there are a number of different values you will want to demonstrate depending on the complexity of your role and what you are striving towards. Speak to your line manager about your progress and how you can make it into a reality. They may have ideas on projects you can work on, extra training you can do, or they can help you set objectives to help you move forward.  

Written by Lisa Gale, from our Manchester branch.