The Human Age Edition 14: The Future Forces of Work

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Over the past year, we’ve witnessed a dynamic shift in the economic landscape, from a post-pandemic boom, to talks of a recession, to a gradual reduction in demand. However, amidst these fluctuations, one constant remains: strong hiring intentions.

Yet, a stark disparity persists between workers’ desires and employers’ offerings, coupled with ongoing talent shortages at a near 20-year high, hindering UK business growth.

In our latest edition of the Human Age newspaper, we delve into the labour market trends that contribute to The Future Forces of Work. We discuss strategies to drive positive change and overcome the challenges presented.

Highlights include:

  • What do employees want? – We surveyed over 5,000 workers to learn what they really want to go from surviving to thriving at work

  • Unlocking new opportunities while embracing experience – Everything you need to know about hiring and retaining seasoned workers

  • Can AI help break bias in the recruitment process? – Why recruiters should limit expectations on AI increasing diversity at work

  • Walk the talk on ESG commitments – The importance of a clear and genuine stand on global issues

  • And much more!