Encouraging employees to embrace change

Employer advice

All effective managers will know that change is an essential part of success and growth, and most companies seek innovation as part of their growth strategy. New ideas and new ways of thinking can help companies thrive in a fast-paced world of business. However, change often means uncertainty and disrupting processes employees are comfortable with. This can be a daunting prospect for workers. So how can you get your employees onboard when implementing change?

Listen to how they feel

Encourage your employees to be open about any concerns they may have and make sure they know you’re approachable. Take time to listen and understand what is worrying the team and individuals. 

Deal with concerns

It is important you don’t just try to smooth things over, telling employees that it will be fine. Address concerns with honest and realistic answers. Even if you cannot answer someone immediately, ensure them you will do your best to get back to them as quickly as possible. Just showing that you take their concerns seriously will go a long way to smoothing things over, whatever the outcome.

Demonstrate confidence

It is important you come across as optimistic about the change. Make sure you concentrate on the opportunities innovation may provide. When it comes to making employees feel more confident, focus on their strengths and encourage them, telling them you know they are capable of dealing with the challenges innovation could bring.

Celebrate success

Throughout the innovation process it is important to show employees that you genuinely appreciate their efforts. Celebrate the team’s success together but also take time to acknowledge the role each individual has played to implement the change.