Make your first day a success

career advice

If you're just about to start a new role, well done and good luck! Don't let nerves get the better of you before your big day starting in your new job. Let us take you through these handy tips to help you through. Just remember the interview was the hard part and you've made it through, and now you can look forward to kick-starting your new role! 

  • Get around - Get comfortable with a tour of your new surroundings. You might be in one location caring for individuals in one place (get to know where the fire exits, toilets, kitchens etc are) or you might find you're constantly on the go. Either way it's good to familisarise yourself wherever you. It's a quick way to make sure you feel confident, knowing where you're going and not feeling lost
  • Put your hand up - Don't be expected to know everything on your first day! Ask lots of questions and make notes which you can go back to later. Nodoubt you'll be taking in lots of information over the first few days. 
  • Demonstrate value - Know your strengths, weaknesses and goals, but ultimately you'll add value to your team by showing how you value the values of social care in the way you work.  
  • Get networking - Get to know your team. These will be the people who you will share your experience at work with. Get on the gropu chats, attend social activities, even visit forums dedicated to your area of work to gain ideas and share experiences too. 

Most importantly, don’t forget to be yourself! Making your workplace a fun and productive place to be is down to you so be sure to make it a success from day one.