Should the social care industry be scared of robots?

Employer advice

Are robots taking over our jobs? The latest news headlines might make you believe so. Automation is being used in everyday society, from supermarket self checkouts to cashing in cheques at the bank through machines. It seems that humans are dispensable. However, with an ageing population and more people living than before there is a prediction that the population of people ages 85 and older will increase by 85% between now and 2030.

The number of people needing care vastly outweighs the number of people working in the industry but the human touch will always be required when it comes to social care. Technology however could be an aid in order to support employee shortages in the industry.

Support networks

Online forums and closed social media groups where people who are working through similar issues in regards to mental and physical health can help to provide support, build a community and create friendships for patients and carers. These online havens of trust amongst a community of people are available 24 hours a day and can provide peace of mind, reduce the feeling of  loneliness and encourage  discussions whilst your employees are fulfilling their other duties.

Portable diagnostics

Being able to diagnose and treat in the comfort of your own can remove the strain placed in hospital wards and care homes. Blood testing kits and even x-ray machines are available to have in one’s home which allows workers to use the onsite facilities and know beforehand whether the visit is an emergency or routine visit.

The Smartphone

Most people have a smart phone these days and these devices can support your employees on a daily basis both during visits and when in the office. Smartphones can play a vital role in a social care worker’s duties, as they will have the ability to take notes, send emails, store vital data and information and order medication through their device. From specific apps that can aid your employee’s working day and schedule to the ability to communicate with other colleagues and management if emergencies or issues arise with patients, smartphones have the capability to make work-life easier for employees, helping them to achieve what they need to.

Achieve IT

Brook Street’s own online platform can help to support your recruitment process – all online in one easy to use and navigate dashboard. From this system you can review CVs, schedule interviews, send out and sign off timesheets and even use it for reporting purposes. To find out more on how you can manage your recruitment processes online through our bespoke toolkit, speak to your local branch today.