The rise of the millenials

Employer advice

In 2015, the survey National Society of High School Scholars ran a survey. Over 18,000 students ages 15-29, participated, and the response to working in social care was staggering. It showed that 40% of respondents wanted to work in healthcare. Three years and millennials are well and truly it seems are looking to join the Social Care Sector. So what does this mean for you and how can you manage millennials to provide a valuable service?

Millennials are recognised as the purpose-driven generation. They search for jobs that offer a strong sense of meaning and purpose, not just a salary. So when it comes to attracting them to your organisation what do you need to do?

Flexibility: Whether it’s a better work-life balance or more holiday allowance, generation Y are flexible with the demands of work, but they also expect some flexibility back. Work is such a big part of life, but shouldn’t feel like the only thing in their lives. Showing your flexible side as an organisation will help them feel valued and more content to stay in the position they are in.

And it doesn’t just have to be flexibility with hours that will add value to your millennial employees. Offering them the chance to buy and sell holiday days to suit their needs will go a long way to buy their trust and commitment.

Priorities - A 2016 Deloitte Millennial survey found that the millennials believe that “businesses should put employees first, and they should have a solid foundation of trust and integrity. Customer care and high-quality, reliable products also ranked relatively high in importance.”

You can put this into practice by making sure that your employees know what your company values are, and see them being put into action. Building working relationships on the foundation of trust will engage your millennial staff and buy their loyalty.

Progression: Whilst money isn’t the be-all and end-all for this generation, progression is another matter. Millennials need to feel valued at work, and one way to do this is to celebrate their successes with progressive career paths.

Putting career development plans into place and providing training along the way is a key method to both retaining and attracting your millennial staff. They place high importance on the value of career progression, and want to know that they have a future with your organisation.

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