Attracting candidates to your organisation this Christmas

Employer advice

Are you partial to a Christmas ad? Does John Lewis’ latest Christmas TV offering have you reaching for the tissues and simultaneously reaching for your wallet? As Christmas looms, the biggest companies out there are filling the air time with promotional, heart-warming ads to grab the UK’s attention and to drive people to their stores.  

And much like Christmas advertising, looking for new candidates and ways of bringing them into your organisation can be just as competitive. What can you take away from this year's top Christmas adverts when looking to write your own?

Get to the point

Christmas doesn’t officially start until the ring-a-ding-ding of the first Christmas ad on tv, and naturally if it doesn’t quite hit the festive spot then it’s safe to say it’ll be banished, scorned and ultimately forgotten. Cue a quick channel flick onto the next Christmas ad, to see what others have to offer. This is no different to a job advert. Be precise, to the point and clear about what the role is, the experience required for it, the responsibilities, the career progression and benefits to boot. Candidates don’t want to have to trawl through reams of text before getting to the information they require, nor do they want the advert to consist of nothing that they feel is relevant to them.


Nothing wrong with being a little emotional

Think about previous year's Christmas adverts, what are the ones that stood out and stuck in your mind? No doubt they will be the ones that made you feel something. Whether it be humour, happiness, nostalgia or even sadness, they were successful in attaching themselves to you, provoking a thought and sticking with you. The goal of a job advert is to encourage candidates to apply for the role you have available. Through showcasing your organisation’s character and tapping into what makes a candidate want to press 'apply now' and send their CV, your organisation can become unconsciously attached to an applicant. Get them excited about the role and the company by discussing the working culture, the type of people they’ll be supporting, the team they'll be working with.


Jobs are for life, but could also be just for Christmas

These budget breaking advertisements happen once a year, but recruitment is an ongoing venture. At BS SocialCare we provide solutions for both your temporary and permanent requirements that can be scaled to compliment the volume of your hire, whether it be en masse or single recruitment, seasonal demands and support for organisation.

Whatever your demand our consultants are  on hand with in-depth sector expertise and exclusive access to the top candidates from your local market that possess the talent, experience and character you're looking for, when you're looking for them.