How to stay motivated during the winter months

Work life

Holidays are coming! It's not long until the Christmas break. You've stocked up your mince pies, had your Christmas jumper on 24/7 and made yor way through at least one tin of Quality Streets. But is your work taking a back seat? Are you avoiding deadlines or taking as much care as you should with your work? The winter months can be tricky. The days get shorter and colder, and with the holidays round the corner it's easy for motivation to slump. And what if you're working over Christmas? Motivation can be especially hard when you don't have time off to look forward to. So, when it comes to work how do you make sure you keep your motivation up and stay productive? How do you keep your chin up in the winter?

It's safe to say that some of us need a little more positivity to get us through the day in the darker winter months so here are our top tips for coping with the winter weather!

Wrap up warm

If you haven't already take your winter coat out of the cupboard now and cosy up. There's nothing worse than leaving the house in the morning unprepared for the freezing snap of weather thats coming in the afternoon, or rocking up to work soaked through from an onslaught of unexpected rain. Be the smug person wrapped up warm and prepared in advance!

Hot drinks

Whilst we might have gotten all fancy with our gin and tonic over the summer, as a nation we love the hot drink. Whether you wake up in the morning and reach for the coffee machine or salivate over the perfect cup of tea, this is the season to enjoy it. Treat yourself to as many as you need to warm up but if you're anything like we are, make sure you've got a pot of decaf in your bottom drawer to stop you from a caffeine overdose!

Warm lunches

Whilst you might have been ok with a salad at lunchtime in the summer, this is the season for warming food at lunch. Whether you prepare your food at home or grab it on your break, think about having soup or something served hot for your meal. It'll warm you up in no time!

Embrace the season

If your summer nights are full of long evenings with friends in the pub garden or dinners out, the winter months are the perfect time for evenings in with a movie. Invite your friends round and splash out on a movie, some sweet cinema snacks and maybe even a bottle of wine!

Try something new

We're coming up to 'new year, new me' season, and before we throw our hands in the air and remember the resolution that we made in January and broke the following week, it's worth thinking about trying something new now. Whether it's exercising more, learning a new skill or making a commitment, these weeks are a good time to introduce little life changes. The pressure in January to make resolutions and stick to them can be extreme, and well often commit to things that aren't feasible! Try out your resolutions now and start the new year one step ahead of everyone else.